What is a Gang?

Any player over level 25 can create a gang and be its boss. And anyone above level 30 can join  a  gang. Maximum gang size is 10 members. You can join a gang by sending a request from a gang's page. An invite can be accepted by a boss or a boss's right-hand man. A boss can assign any of his gang members as a right-hand man. But at a given time a gang can have only one boss. A gang with two bosses will not be able to accept war requests. If you want to leave a gang that you created, you need to first assign someone else as the boss. A Boss or a right-hand guy can send war request to another gang

How to fight?

Once the war starts, you have 1 hour to beat the opposing gang. During this time your gang cannot  add/remove members or go to war with other gangs. Attacking and defeating an opponent (but only from the gang menu and not from normal attack list, hit list or rival list) earns points that move the war bar in your favor. Killing the opponent earns extra points: Win gives you 10 points and Kill gives you 20 points. Each winning attacks earns you some XP but the winning cash goes into the war booty. You can attack an opponent even if the opponent is in your own mob. You can attack or be attacked by any level opponent. And there is no hospital.

What do you get?

At the end of the war, this booty is claimed by the winning team. The gang boss gets to claim 20% cut from this booty and rest of it is equally shared among the 10 members. If the 1 hours is up or the war was inactive for more than 5 minutes and no gang was able to beat the other gang, the war ends in a draw and nobody gets to claim the booty.

Free Hit

If you are the member of a gang, you get to hit any player, regardless of level, who ATTACKS and KILLS any of your fellow gang members. This way gang members can protect and look out for each other.