What is a Turf?

Turfs are areas that are owned and run by gangs. The owners of turf receive money from these turfs at a set rate which is distributed among the gang members. But only the gang  member assigned as an OPERATOR by the Gang BOSS can collect this money. If an OPERATOR misses collecting a turf two consecutive times, the gang automatically loses the turf and it can be claimed by other gangs.

What is a Turf War?

A gang can stake claim over as many as 3 turfs. Any other gang can challenge this claim. Once a challenge is made, war starts in one hour. The rules of Turf war are a bit different from normal war. Turf wars have a weighted point system: a win can give a maximum of 10 points and kill can give maximum of 20 points, both based on the level difference between the two opponents. The war lasts for 3 hours and if the challenger is not able to defeat the owner of turf, the turf stays with the current gang. If a gang is holding multiple turfs, it will likely have to defend those turfs from multiple gangs.