What is a Deathmatch?

In a Deathmatch, a number of gangs go to war with each other. A gang that loses any war gets kicked out and the last gang standing is proclaimed the winner. The rules of war depend on the type of Deathmatch:

Raw Mettle: In this Deathmatch no diamond weapons can be used by your mob members. Also, no Mercs can be used.

100 Posse: In this Deathmatch only a maximum of size of a mob is 100 and Mercs are not allowed.

Power Off: No Attack and Defense Upgrades can be used in this Deathmatch. Nor are the Power boosts allowed.

Death Race: In this Deathmatch only Vehicles are allowed. Mercs, armor and guns are not allowed.

The Riot: In this Deathmatch only 'One-Time' Armory can be  used. Mercs and Boosts cannot be used.

No Holds Barred:No Limitations apply to this type of Deathmatch.

How to join a Deathmatch?

A BOSS or a RIGHTHAND can enlist his/her gang for Deathmatch by raising a stake. The Deathmatch begins when other gangs enlist for a match. In 24 hours, a Gang can participate in maximum of 5 Deathmatch and win a maximum of 2. The type of Deathmatch that a gang can join is randomly decided by the game. 

What does the winner get?

The last gang standing gets all the total loot money x2. Plus the player who raised the cash stake gets back 5x return on the amount he/she put in. Each war in a Deathmatch is treated as a separate war, and based on the outcome of each war, gangs get 2x loot money.