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gang boss or assignment

How about a gang boss or assignment that your whole gang has to participate in for a special prize for the gang members. Would promote teamwork and gangs staying together longer. If someone left the gang the prize or power-up would no linger be valid.

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I really like this idea...

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I will re-iterate my proposal of gang missions here, since I think it's pretty much the same thing.

The BOSS and RIGHT HAND of a gang, can start GANG MISSIONS. When started, the gang is tasked with defeating a boss AND completing an assignment, both within the same time limit. When a gang member begins either fighting the boss or doing the assignment, that gang member is locked into that particular task for the duration of the gang mission. For example, if a gang member starts fighting the boss, he/she cannot help on the assignment until the boss is dead.

There should be a limit of how many people can join either the assignment or the boss (a max of 3-4, perhaps, depending on the mission, of course.)

Of course, each of these things can be broken into phases, which get harder and harder, and might require more or less people getting involved ;)

Some rewards I just came up with out of the blue:

  • An increase in the war loot multiplier (+0.5 times the money)
  • An extra gang-slot (crank it up to eleven)
  • Gang war items - items that are really strong, double the strength of tournament items, that can be used by members, but only while in a gang war/turf war/death match
  • Faster turf-collects (probably very imbalanced, but just throwing it out there)
  • Black Market - gang members are able to buy loot items from the armory at VERY steep prices.
  • Attack & Defense modifiers that also are only available during gang wars/turf wars/death matches

//Formidable - DeathWish MGS

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This is the best idea Ive seen in months!

Love The BLACK market part

ya black market

Hey Jim loving all the updates you are coming out with just wondering on the progress of this I'm sure it a large untaking but just curious. Anyway keep up the good work.
This idea is awesome.
Gang assignments plezse
Yes good idea. Pls check out my ideas: Search by username and Put in work feature

Really like Formidable's ideas (maybe with the exception of an 11th gang member as a potential prize, could make things really unbalanced). Maybe if there were a limit to who got 'locked' onto the boss or assignment it should be 5, to encourage more gangs to get the full 10 members online at the same time. Obviously you could pull it off with less, but like war, it would be a lot tougher.

GANG BOSS feature is already implemented..

Love the idea
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