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In order to have TOURNY it's best to asign a color to each crew an once a crew color is set there is no way a person can join or exit the crew an those who have 5 members an more will be the only ones able to participate and in order to join the TOURNY a crew should have to war the opposite color to be able to win the award an for turf I seen that has been some what tookEn care of but during TOURNY it should be diamond plays with more then 40 diamond weapons should be able to war them highr strength crews and then have the non diamond buyers with 40 diamonds weapons an less to be able to war each other .... So pls look into it an if u may give me a respond I'd be more then appritiated thx :)
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Can't wait to here what devs an many others have to say about it ;) I belive what I wrote is easy to understand and stand by .. =]
Great ideas!
Yes bring back tourny!!!

Gangs should join the tournament, not be forced into it. Why? Because you should introduce a bracket-like tournament, where you cannot decline a war request, sent from someone in the same skill group. As your gang advances in points, it also advances in skill groups (think ELO-rating.) There should be a cooldown period between wars, where recuperation can occur of 1-2 hours, although sending requests is still allowed.

Also assign moderators, from both sides (blue and red) to keep an eye on point fixing/cheating. 10-30 people who can use a report-feature to directly report point fixing to Jim. They should also have the option of removing spam about this on the devs wall (1 person from each side has to approve of the removal before it happens). This would decrease the cheating by a lot, and also be much easier for Jim to focus on only the important stuff. Moderators should change from tournament to tournament, but some restrictions should be made (like that they have played for at least 4 months and are above lvl 150, or something.)

A good idea would probably be to build a system in which it's easy to remove gangs and points from the tournament - for Jim, that is. And when a gang is discovered of fixing points, have all the players of that gang banned from the current tournament.

//Formidable - DeathWish MGS

This is good ideas from formidable, i think yeah there should be a gang ranking system to ensure fair wars and have it so u cant refuse tourny war requests
I love all ur ideas n hope they bring back some sort of tournament but better wit no cheating n use some of the ideas on this wall

@Julia Perez

- The reason why we haven't implemented complete lock down on gang turing tournament is cos the gangs are not explicitly signing up for it... so we can't force them and have such constraints. A new gang, still in the process of building should be able to continue with the normal wars/recruitig etc while the tournament is active.

- We do not want to separate users to diamond to non-diamond one... both are part of the game world in all equal sense... with different strategy.


- Auto war in the same tournament TIER is not fair since the TIER only indicates how engaging the gang is... now how much powerful they are. Its not fair for a medium level gang worked hard to get on top, but now getting hammered by all the high level gangs in the top-tier.

- We thought about a moderator system... but we doubt the users (or the moderator themselves) will be agreeing with each other decision... as it is not really easy to determine wether a war war fixed or not.


I meant that it should be implemented like an ELO rating, not like the tiers used to be set up. Which means that if you lose a war, you will go down in points (you wont lose the points contributed to the tournament pool, but you will lose your standing in the bracket.) This way, even if as you say a medium level gang gets to the top, they will most likely only lose 1 war, since they will be dropped down to the lower skill group again.

Okay, I can agree with that the users and mods will not be agreeing on every decision. But that's why you are there, and why mods aren't allowed to rectify the points themselves. They will have to write a report to you with a reason to why they think it's rigged, and you have the final decision.

Think of it like being just as before, but instead of having thousands of whiny kids throwing the word "cheating" around, you will only have to focus on a few mod's complaints.

//Formidable - DeathWish MGS

Once Devs sends out a notice that the tournament will be starting and when... It should be up to the gangs to sign up to participate in the tournament or not before the colors are assigned. Also since so many people were purposefully throwing wars, the new tournaments should be "knockout tournaments"... If a gang looses a certain number of wars, they are knocked out of the tournament. Looking at gang just gave them an opportunity to throw fights in death matches. lf a gang is found to be cheating... the members in that gang should be banned from participating in any future tournaments for a month regardless of what gang their in, and If their caught cheating again their account needs to be banned from the game. It's too easy to create a new gang after being disbanded and continue cheating. Their has to be a really harsh punishment for cheating or your never going to get it under control. These are just a few ideas... let me know if you agree
Also after a gang has signed up for the tournament, there should be a lock put on that gang so they can't kick anyone out or add new members until the tournament is over. Too many gangs are cheating and adding high level players after they receive a war notice... I call it cheating because the other gang is committed to fighting that war regardless of who the other gang has added.
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