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upgrade feature on properties

The upgrade feature will allow you to pay a certain percentage extra (according to upgrade level) to increase the income of the property.

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I think you should be able too upgrade say for example :

Property A income : 100

Property A income (upgraded) 200

 And so on for each property aswell :D

Good ideal
How do get the upgrades?
Maybe add new property?
@Susan adding a new business(es) would actually benefit the top income players in a week more than it could benefit you in a month. In which devs said, heavily imbalancing the game's economy within the players

So then add MORE businesses then.. with the changes that have been made in the last few months we've been forced to camp to get income then forced to fight but still a battle after you get those prices up to a certain point to get that income up more & you get placed back to the needing to camp to get the income but you can't exactly have a group of people looking out for each other while people do that anymore.

It is kinda against the current structure we have... say when you upgrade a property, it upgrades all of them in your inventory or only one instance of it? 

Also it can heavily imbalance the current economy.

Yes. That way it wont be so hard to reach your income goal

So it's like... buying more businesses, essentially?

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