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Accounts that are banned

Hello guys, I see you have banned that account crappy attack account.. that's great news as he was the biggest douche bag on your game and starting to give it a bad name. I have saved close to 3000 rivals from him which I was.going to use when he reset. Is this worth while me saving them? Are you going to make that account active again? Or if I clear them now.while it shows grey will they add to his stats if you make his account active again? Cheers guys, keep up the good work 

My account was hacked can you help?? I have SS .. spend a lot of money on the game.. can you do anything??

@Caitlen, email us at


How can a lvl 10 add a lvl 203 to hitlist? This being done without any interaction from me (im the lvl203). Is this lvl10 a cheater account?
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