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Non-diamond mercs

Considering many people want more businesses, wouldn't it be cool to have mercs that cost regular cash and upkeep, instead of diamonds?

This means that people who have played for very long and have a really high income can become closer to the top diamond players and thus be rewarded for playing that long.

In the most practical view, it just means that after equipping your entire mob, you can get an additional mob member for 1.3 times the upkeep of the weapons+armors+vehicles or something like that.

Start out with 4 different ones, perhaps?

+10, +10
+1 weapon

100 000 upkeep

+10, +10
+1 armor

100 000 upkeep

+10, +10

+1 vehicle

100 000 upkeep

+20, +20

+1 weapon, +1 armor, +1 vehicle

200 000 upkeep

So 10 million will get you +1000, +1000 and 100 weapons, armors OR vehicles. Or it will get you +1000, +1000 and 50 weapons, armors AND vehicles.

//Formidable - DeathWish MGS

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I agree with chuchu boy also
Pleeeeeeeeaaasssse implement this idea. I like it.
I agree with you.chuchu boy
Dont get me wrong, Mercs will increase my power as well bt i jst like fair things. The smart ones should win, not those who play longer, if that is the case the newbies will quit before they start.
So that those who wants assignments win also, why not a difficult assinment that can be done many times. Every time you complete it you get a merc, with the upkeep,defence and attack mentioned above. That will be another challenge, not jst sleeping then your income get higher then you buy a merc. We all know that Devs has to make money as well and if we are going to camp thats a loss to him

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Good idea

Nice One

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