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Please Add, A casino where we can play poker against eachother and other gambling...

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Devs .. I see planned??? This would be an awesome addition!!! Gangstas need to gamble :)
Shooting Craps

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Yesss please , when ?

thats a great idea.devs should make a casino in dtmafia.

I'm all for it
When's this coming out
Any word on this Devs?
That would be great
Do u sometimes wanna search for ppl by there username or fell like u should b able to assign tasks to ur gang members? (gang bosses an presidents) wanna turn ur device sideways to play? Vote for my ideas! Find them in feature requests
I can't wait until they implement this... Ima have some money, lol
Great! Let's play casino on dtm the possible rewards can be huge :)
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