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Please add cartels, Example: up to 3 crews band together to form a cartel.. One of the gang leaders becomes cartel boss.

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We like the idea... thanks

Thanks Jim

hi Dev and Jim!

Seriously i love the idea about cartels. One of my biggest concern is: what if 4 strong gangs (respect level above 20) are agree to join together in 1 group cartel? they could be untouchable by other cartel gang.

my idea is:

1) divide each gang based on gang levels. 

for example: Pyro, bad ass street kings, Rebels, MGS who has high respect level cant joint together as one. so there only 1 gang with high level in 1 cartel.

you can see the worldcup final group drawing for example: 

* top 5 countries in FIFA top list such as brazil, german, argentina, spain, uruguay are put in pot 1.

* pot 2 consist of other medium country such as england, portugal, etc.

* pot 3 and 4 consist of small other countries.

so we can take 1 country from each pots and make them in one group, in this case cartel. so there will be for example: brazil, portugal, honduras and rusia in 1 group. 

this will avoid strong countries meet up in one pot, in example: brazil, argentina, uruguay, german. fair enough.

2) just make it random, same as deathmatch

we never know what gang it is until you (devs) decide that.

please kindly consider them. thank!


What do you envisage these Cartels do once formed?

Cartel wars perhaps? Cartel assignments, cartel turfs?

Devs, this is marked as 'planned' what exactly is planned?




People from a high level gang can make a new one at level 0. Better off using the average level of members or something.

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