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Skill point Movement For Diamonds

Would be nice to have a 1 time skill point re allocation to be purchased with Diamonds.  I would imagine that this would be an extremely popular item and would boost diamond sales tremendously.

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Hear me out.

I am advocating a ONE time re can only perform it once during the life of the player, this would alleviate the fear of shifting to suit your needs.

Also, much like people change over time, so could the characters be allowed to change..this could be thought of as a change in attitude, different training methodologies employed, different viewpoint on life etc...I think it would work.

Again..ONE TIME ONLY..everyone has the same chance to move

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I absolutely agree. A single one time shift. To say it is not "realistic" is not valid. You can already instant replace stamina and energy with diamonds. In terms of realism it would be the same thing. Special training is a fantastic way to view the one time shift. And it would be extremely popular and lead to diamond sales. The cost could be 5 diamonds per point, or something similar.

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Won't let me buy diamonds always say wait 30 minutes
This is a gay thing to do.....fix up and do what most people do when there acc shi ...RESET. thats why theres a reset for u kind of people

Reset? What about diamond purchases? What about level and mobs? What about the time put into an account? Some of us would rather drop a hundred USD than touch that button... 

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