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Stat rearranging

Just like you can pay 100 diamonds to change your character type, there should be a feature where you pay diamonds to rearrange your stats. This should be expensive (maybe 200 diamonds or so) and could only be done once (to prevent stacking one Stat just to attack, then changing it back). This would help reduce start overs, and for the devs would definitely add revenue as every player I know personally would do it to help correct early rookie mistakes that ruin the game on higher levels. More money for devs and more fun for players... Everyone wins.

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My thoughts exactly, but you my good sir don't have a chance of pulling this idea thru. I tried this before you did and they were all negative about it, especially the big shot players.I personally would rather pay diamonds to do this, instead of resetting my character profile. Kik id: samibagpoola

excellent time reset...starting over once your in the high levels is not feasible...everyone would have the same opportunity to re arrange..nobody would have an advantage

I agree

This is one of the most frequently asked question.... but if there is a stats reset feature, player will simply move all of it under ATTACK or DEFENSE, just before  a war etc... no matter what the cost of it in diamonds... which can severely imbalance the game.

Also conceptually, you can't change the behavior of a character once it is developed.... as in real life.

it should be once for every player

i think everyone need one time chance to to have a reset and then it over 

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