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Anyone wanna explain the benefits of the family feature for me i.e do u get free hits if they're attacked or whatever?

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It helps when you want to talk to a person without having to search your mob list .

As of now there is no FREE HIT given when a crime FAMILY member is gets killed... but we may introduce similar mechanics in the future.

This question was made over a year ago. Is there any new feature now?
Nope lol
All of a sudden it seems that I cannot accept any more mob members and I get an error message telling me that and it is grayed out on my profile rep. I have 3939 mobs at level 239. Is there a chart somewhere 3xplaining this? I thought we could have 8000 mobs. Thanks for help.

2020-08-05 19:33:31 (1 months ago)

some notes about the new updates:
1. Since 8000 mob is not needed in the game. The max. Mob allowed has been changed to 3300. The Reps for Mob has been adjusted based on that so that you still achieve them.
2. The new Diamond items in Gang Backup work the same way as normal Gang Backup. Difference is that after equipping they remain valid for 7 days.

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