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Divide Gangs into Tiers

So here is what I'm thinking. Separate gangs and individuals into tiers. This will result in gang wars between gangs that are as much as possible evenly matched. The tier separation for both gangs and individuals will be based on the following criteria: Amount of Diamond Equipment Player Level Player Stats Too many wars are being refused due to gangs of high level player gangs trying to farm wins off low level gangs. Also this will allow low level gangs to be able to take part in turfs as gangs can only be challenged by other gangs in their tiers. I believe this will encourage more activity in the game, and reduce the amount of "Camping" that's going on right now. Also have weekly prizes for the top 3 gangs in each tier.

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We hear you... but Formidable is right... as of now there is no way to put gangs in TIERS based on any factor.

We have tried the TIER system for the TOURNAMENTS... based on their activity during the tournament. It will let them find other active gangs on similar level and win the TIER rewards and get stronger.

We will work on figuring out some new ways to get a BETTER gang experience for low level gangs. Thanks for your input.

OK. I can make that concession. But at least let player level be factor.

I agree that lower level gangs and players should have as much opportunity to play with and against like minded individuals as higher level people do. But this is the wrong way to go about it. Not because the idea is bad in theory, but because it technically and practically cannot be done. At least not in a way that will satisfy the "full gang experience" - for anyone.

I think there should be a lock on some turfs, for gang respect levels, for example (certain turfs can only be operated by gangs below respect level 5, 10, 15 etc.) This would make lower level gangs and new gangs be able to grab and hold turfs and experience that part of the game. Of course this means that new gangs started by high level players will be able to hold those turfs, but since you actually get respect points by operating turfs and winning turf wars, they will soon outlevel the requirement.

Other than that, I think there should be tiers in tournaments, as I mentioned earlier and in theĀ thread about tournaments.

//Formidable - DeathWish MGS
If its wrong for me to want low level gangs to be able to fully operate as a gang, then I'm sorry. I feel that gangs should operate as such not matter if its a low level gang or a high level gang. Sorry for my suggestion, but I stand by it. I am not backing down.
With the current system in place, its deterring gameplay. People are not actively playing this game unless they ate full diamond players. Not to disrespect diamond players because if I had the money to burn I would be a diamond player too. The point I'm trying to get at is the gang experience is worthless unless you get to high levels. This system I proposed will allow low level gangs to experience the full gang experience. I'm only suggesting a change so that everyone will be more active in playing.

This will be SUPER hard to implement in good way. There's just no way there's a system that can place you and your gang in a specific tier and have all other players and gangs in that tier be equal to you. Not in a million years.

What you are talking about is already implemented to the best of it's capabilities. Your opponents' level is visible to you, you can check out their defense stats and their equipment before warring. That's about how good it gets.

In a more controlled environment, like say a tournament, dividing teams into tiers could work, but in a pretty limited way - you will have NO guarantee that gangs in your tier are equal, or even close to it.

Btw, why would you want to deter camping? It's the only way to get a substantial amount of income, to sustain your growing armory.

//Formidable - DeathWish MGS

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