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ONE TIME point move


I know this has been covered but hear me out.

I am advocating a ONE time re allocation of can only perform it ONCE during the life of the player, this would alleviate the fear of shifting to suit your needs.  You would be allowed to take this move at any time during the life of your character..but it can only be performed ONCE.

Also, much like people change over time, so could the characters be allowed to change..this could be thought of as a change in attitude, different training methodologies employed, different viewpoint on life etc...I think it would work.

Again..ONE TIME ONLY..everyone has the same chance to move

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One time I could live with... would hate to see more though...

I would love to see any type of deal where I can shift my points around being made.

I don't care if some people use it to shift all of their shit to attack during a war, or whatever. If they want to spend thousands of dollars on doing that, let them. There already are people who have put all of their skill points in attack, I have one in my gang, even - so I don't see why not. Just make it costly, or just once as this topic wants - just make it happen, please!

I didn't know how to play this game at lvl 1, I didn't know what was best for me at lvl 50, I didn't know gang wars until I was lvl 120, by then it was too late.

//Formidable - DeathWish MGS

I don't think there should b a costly point move it would just create a bigger divide between diamond and non diamond players I think dev should put it as part of the game current players can make a new tactic to the game deciding when to employ it an new accounts can lvl up quicker an more effectively resulting in a new wave of good players hitting the front runners in the future

This is a great idea.  It could actually be incorporated into the assignments.  The last assignment could be this one, and the reward would be you get to visit some sort of "master" for intensive specialty training, aka a one time point movement.  But only for those who complete a new difficult assignment.  You could make the requirements having a boss as a merc or whatever to make sure it is not easy to attain.  For those who say it is not realistic, think of it this way.  If I have high health and a low attack, and I want to swap points, then the "master" would have taught me to be more aggressive in my attacks and not worry about getting hit, thereby increasing my attack and lowering my health points.  The same sort of logic can be applied to any point movement.  You could even make it cost diamonds if you want.  It is at least as realistic as paying diamonds and getting full stamina or energy instantly.

I like the idea Marc has.

yes  i agree with skill reallocation...

I don't agree with this. People have reset their accounts because of this. Spent tons of money getting back to higher level. Why should we have to work our asses off to reset our accounts and start over and new people get to reaet theirs. Just like income people who arnt even lord or baron want new businsses but shit us whos hit baron and viscount had to camp a lot and these new people want new businesses? Everyone wants a easy way out is the problem because they cant work for what they want. Why should you guys get a free pass?


That's a shitty reason. EVERYONE would get this, not just those who haven't reset. it's not like you can't make mistakes just because you reset.

I'm very much against giving people an "easy way out", but that's not what this is about. It's about the game changing and that we can't keep up.

When I first requested this feature this was a whole different game (it was more than a year ago.) and back then, the "right" way was to have a bunch of energy, and a 1:1 high atk/def. This is so not the case anymore and I really shouldn't have to reset to be able to reflect that change in my account.

Resetting would mean that I would reset more than 1.5 years of gaining skill points just so that I can reacquire them in time for another reset. That's not a very fun prospect.

I will buy into the logic that it shouldn't be free - because then it will be needed every once in a while (because of the reasons stated). But it's not too much to ask that it costs us diamonds to move skillpoints around.

    You might say that this will make heavy diamond players benefit even more than f2p-players - but you are forgetting something. Heavy diamond players (hdp) will beat f2p players either way, so it's not a matter of making it less balanced in that manner of speaking. The only ones that the hdp will compete with when changing their skill points around are other hdp's.

Most people also don't want to change ALL of their skillpoints, but rather a part that they want to switch around, for a specific purpose. 50 diamonds to move 5-6 skillpoints is not at all a very drastic price.

And devs, the "reality" aspect or whatever you want to call it is just bullshit. There are no gang wars where people use 5000 quad launchers and earn 2 billion dollars every hour from 1500 fight clubs and 2000 strip clubs. Stamina for planning/doing missions? Energy to drive a car (actually, thousands of cars at once), grab a gun (again, thousands of guns) and pulling the trigger? There's no aspect of this game's mechanics that's anchored in reality, and you really shouldn't use that as an excuse to do (or not do) anything. Besides, it's easy to justify changing skillpoints around in the context of the player being a person/character. It's not like fat people stay fat all their lives even if they stop eating mcdonalds every day.

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