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Daily Spin And Win

Every Member Take Daily Spin Like other Facebook Games The Member Can win diamonds and cash and other things

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That's a great idea. it gives people who can't afford to buy diamonds to be able to win some. What you can also do is charge for extra spins.

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I'd rather like to win let's say one hundred billion dollars as the big prize, so I can keep buying those unrealistically expensive investments. So stop asking the devs anything related to diamonds, cause they give them away whenever something good or bad happens to the game, and I personally respect their decisions. You have to understand that the diamonds they sell are keeping the game free for the rest of the free players.
This should be something like the roulette you have to spin in the game " DRAG RACING BIKE EDITION ".
My suggestion to this... I like the idea. How about incorporate loyalty with this idea. EG: If you log on for 7 consecutive days then you get a free spin. Otherwise it casts diamonds....

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Good Idea Fiaz In This gameĀ 

great idea ,,, that way to have much diamonds without buy

That's a great idea. Then the whole Downtown Mafia will be a diamond paradise. Oh jeez wow you people just love to get it the easy way. Don't yall understand the diamond players are the reason you didn't pay 5.99 for this game. Try my method and camp for some months. Now I like the daily spin idea but leave out the diamonds because that will defeat the purpose of the Barons and Lords Camping.
@ Michael Brandon - I guess you haven't read my reply to this subject correctly because I specifically said that I don't want the jackpot to be in DIAMONDS, but instead I would like the jackpot to be a significant amount of in-game cash ( something like a few hundred billions of in-game cash , because let's face it, the properties are too damn expensive after a while ). I'll leave you my KIK id if you'd like to talk some more about the game and the ideas that were posted on the helpdesk. KIK id: samibagpoola

super cool,, ya jim , work on itĀ 

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