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More balanced game with attack and defense.

As most of the old school players in this game noticed when you get into a gang fight, turf war or death match the damage you do an enemy in fight list that you normally would do 20-30 damage is reduced to 10 or less during a war. Doesnt make sense to me that with 90 defense i get hit by someone and he does 10 damage and mehdi gets hit and gets hit for 7 damage when he loses yet he has ALOT more defense than me during a war. Doesnt make sense to me that i lose just 3 more health having less than 1/5 of mehdis defense. It seems to me that outside of gang fights the fighting system makes more sense.

Dev, please the special items plus the number and type of order activity, players move faster. Boost stamina time items, income boost, boost cash that mission plus two or three longer be able to better compete with players who just bought from diamond items. thank you very much for your attention and fulfilled my request and our friends from the Indonesian players.

Yes, the damage number in a war is different from a normal war... but it is just a scale down... all the evaluation rules remains the same. The damage numbers are reduced (scaled down) to give a more engaging wars.

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