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new businesses

We need new businesses, i am paying over 20 billion for a 10 mill income an i know people have got it worse than me. We all moan about it but if you all vote this then dev will definitely listen. Put up or shut up time peeps

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I just want to add that I don't know what level you are, or how much income you have, Andy. But I know quite a few people who are already maxed out, and a few more that are well on their way.

So it's absolutely possible, which is why I'm against adding more businesses right now.

I have to keep this going!! How bout putting an income lock on a new business then, say lord or baron, so people have to put in the effort of paying ridiculous amounts for 12million before they get a new business, that new business will then only last a couple of new buys before it starts becoming ridiculous aswell. Im not smart enough ti be able to put amounts with this but im sure dev can work out amounts which will help us out raising money but not ruin mr formidable's nice shiny graph :)

@Andy, that doesn't really make any sense for several reasons.

#1 would be that level doesn't mean income. I've seen lvl 200 guys who aren't even close to Lord-status...

#2 is that what would the benefit be? That only players who have played the game longer can buy more businesses? Those new businesses would probably not be valuable to players before reaching that level anyway, or maybe they are, but the existing choices of real estate is good enough to sustain people to that level quite easily.

My opinion is that while it might seem like everything is getting too expensive, the reality is that you will never max out your armory. That's kind of a utopia, so not getting there shouldn't be a hint to getting new businesses into the game. 

Okay, so, look at my shiny awesome graph here:

0                  -                   MAX


0 means 0 income, MAX means that your entire mob is armored up with the best stuff.

Between the to parentheses is where the "cap" should be. This is where most people who camp for a while will end up. As long as the gap between this sweet spot and MAX is "good enough", new businesses shouldn't be added.

//Formidable - DeathWish MGS

How bout putting like lvl 150 or 200 lock on the new business then? So it does only benefit players who have put all the effort into their income
1.25 billion and still camping... lol
1.5 billion... I wish! Very true Form... It is equal for all :) Either way it's fair for all. Would like to see new business for higher levels as you climb...


You will have the same opportunity to buy those businesses as everyone else...?

For example, if there's a new business that gives 1 million income and costs 2 billion at the start; My income is 750 million, yours is 1.5 billion. How do you figure that I will reach you faster than you will be able to keep your head start?

You will first off be able to afford lots more of the new businesses much quicker than me, and therefore, you will still be ahead. What's more is that you will be ahead of me more than you were before... So tell me again, how will your experience be lessened?

What you already have gotten, you can't change. There's no use arguing that you had it worse when you started out than "the new kids" have it today. Here's a great video of the sunk cost logical fallacy;

That being said, the only reason to actually introduce a new business would be that it's too expensive to keep a decent armory up. That the "cap" of where people don't want to camp anymore doesn't support enough of a viable armory build. I don't think we're there yet. Another round of new weaponry and we will probably be at that point, but not now.

//Formidable - DeathWish MGS

That's true but when the new business gets maxxed out an we're in this same position then those of us who have put in the hard work on the income already will still have their superior position, its not like devs is gonna make us pay a pittance for a new business either so it wont b much of a headstart for people, income building is still gonna b hard work its jus its stupid as it is having to camp jus to buy one lot of businesses worth 10 mill
I'm torn on this.... I've worked hard to get to the income I'm at and would hate to see it as a waste of time when other people will get it easier. However... it is very difficult to build a decent income... trust me I know.
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