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Tournament Rewards

Devs the one thing that you haven't really added more of are businesses. How about a special property with a big payout that we can earn by participating in the tournaments kind of like the current dog tags?

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please look into this devs.. we've been camping for almost a year now because inflation rate is too high.. that's why people become inactive and camp so we can buy businesses coz it's too expensive.. plus people will be more active and join tourneys 

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Devs the business are expensive and some ppl can't do anything cause of it even participate in tourney cause dey waiting for lots of money to get them so if u can do something about it it will help


I agree with all these guys. About midway through my missions It got tough trying to balance out upkeep-income. Enlarging the amount of money you can deposit would also be a big help
Indeed...the weapons, etc. you need as you lvl get tougher to afford and the current businesses are getting outrageous to afford as well. It's hard enough to defeat ppl with what we are offered and can afford because of the players that purchase diamonds to have all the "premium" power to beat you with...and I'm sorry, but I'm not spending any personal money on a game...and I won't even get into how much money players lose on a daily basis because of "farmers" Who are too lazy to earn their money fairly.
I've read all of the posts on here and I agree with all of them ppl would be more active in the tourniments if there was somthing to increase their income
Agreed much on most post here .. kindly look into it and do something .. many thanks ..


We sure need more business. I vote for yes!
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