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DTM Prison

Hey devs, I thought it would be a sweet idea if you added a prison into the game.. Just to add some spice and reality into the game. After all most missions sound a bit too illegal and would have you extremely wanted.. Hear me out, after a certain level in the game, say 70.. You are able to be thrown in prison, you can bribe an officer to loose heat and not get locked up. If you don't pay, you get locked up. Once you're in jail its like an alternate dtm world. Where theres prison gangs, different missions, weapons etc.. The weapons would be like home made shanks, or kitchen knifes.. Some weak armor. No cars, but more chance of loot items in missions.. No businesses ( since theres no real source of income through a jail ) The shout box all ties back into the game, but you cant fight, hitlist or join other players that aren't in jail. Also you retain mob, level and diamond weapons.. But heres the twist, the diamond weapons are different from the prison weapons.. Like an alternate game type of thing. The turfs are county jails all over the county ( like San Quentin, Cali ) ... Also in some loot missions you can get small amounts of drugs ( that count as trainer when used ) or loot weapons.. And then we can sell drugs to other players or a public bid. Also with prison gangs make them a higher cost to make other than 50 diamonds so there wont be too many gangs, from there you can have more than 10 players in a gang since its prison... And since its jail there should be no limit to number of underbosses or right hands And after a week or so that you've been in jail you automatically go back to the streets ( regular dtm world ) and if you were the boss of a prison gang then the underboss of that gang should be boss, or before the boss leave he elects the new boss. And if you don't wanna wait to go back to the streets then the money you make in the prison can help bail you out quicker.. And when you get back to the streets all your business money and diamond weapons are returned back. If you added this, the game would be epic

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I wish the devs would have emplemented this idea... would have been awesome
Nice Idea

2 years old. Still no implementation or acknowledgement from devs despite the strong community support shown in the comments on this topic :( 

Anyway, I personally like the idea, but I DynamicNext could potentially face some release issues by including that into the game, due to the following:

Also in some loot missions you can get small amounts of drugs ( that count as trainer when used ) or loot weapons.. And then we can sell drugs to other players or a public bid.

Including the ability to loot, use/consume, and sell drugs might violate the game's current content rating, which would force the game to be re-evaluated by the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) and the Game Rating Administration Committee (GRAC). The game is currently rated "Teen" for "Drug Reference, Violent Reference, Simulated Gambling Users Interact, Digital Purchases." I would venture to guess that if a drug looting, using, and selling system was added to the game, that might surpass the point of just being classified "drug reference." And, if that was the case, the rating on the game would probably be raised from Teen to Mature.

Nonetheless, I do like the idea. I just think DynamicNext would need to be wary about implementing the drug-related ideas in this suggestion.

That's definately a whole compilation of the best ideas I've read yet right there. Make it even so you can try and get yourself arrested on purpose when you want to go back .
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