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skill points and gang allies

You should have it where you can pay 50 or 100 diamonds to reset ur skill points and give them how ever many they used back. You should also make it where there is a family page for the gangs so if 2 gangs are allies one gang can send a request to the other gang and they be like teamates and then add a 2 vs 2 war which is 2 gangs that are allies go against 2 different gangs that are allies and whatever group wins the earnings is split individually by all of the players for the 2 gangs that are allies My DTM account is doublej level 133 mob code 568470096

Skill point reset is avoided intensionally to avoid misuse of the game and making the game imbalanced...

But that is why so many people are resetting cause their skill points are usually in health or stamina only option is to reset. Even if you just allowed us to be able to reset one skill for like 1 hour one time only would be a big help
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