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DTM boss world raid!

This is a little suggestion to add a new feature to this game for people who usually are new to the game and they don't have gangs, but it also helps everyone. it's like wars without gangs. So here's the plan:- Every once a month, Devs open DTM World Boss Raid, in which all the dtm players use their energy/stamina to hit the downtown mafia world raid boss. we can cut off the stamina part and keep it to the energy part only if it's easier that way. Every players sees this just under the tournament option and clicking there takes him to a World Boss Raid page where he sees a boss who he can hit using his energy, the damage on the boss will depend upon the kind of gear he has equipped which is yet another challenge for our Developers team to overcome, but anyways, you hit the boss who has unlimited health. a player hits him as many time as he wants and can use diamonds to refill also, the boss will last for 3 days in which you can hit him as many times as you want and after the boss has been raided players will be able to loot their share from his hideout, which will appear on the gang stakes window and/or when you click the world raid sign on home page. The rewards will depend on the damage done being divided into 6 tiers Tier1(500m+ damage)- 25 skill points, 25m income boost, 25 diamonds, boss arsenal(Boss's lady-Boss's right hand lady which is known to be a stone cold killer, who wants only power-boosts attack stat by +10 and defense by +20, increases bank holding capacity) Tier2(250m-500m damage) 20 skill points, 16m income boost, 20 diamonds, boss arsenal(boss's fiero-Boss's favourite getaway car, this ride leaves the cops watching boss disappear on the road- boosts attack and def stats by 10) Tier 3(100m-250m) 20 skill points, 12m income boost, 10 diamonds boss arsenal (boss's curse-a sword that runs in the boss gang family and is lethal to both it's victim and user +750 attack and -150 defence) Tier 4(50m-100m) 10 skill points, 8.5m income boost, 5 diamonds, boss arsenal (Boss's contact file-A list of the most deadly assasins in this dirty business- +500 attack) Tier 5(10m-50m) 5 skill points, 5m income boost, 0 diamonds, boss arsenal(Boss's cigar- a deadly cigar filled with poison in it which boss offers to dealers who fail to please him +350 attack 125 defense) Tier 6( under 10m damage) 5 skill points, 1.5m income boost, 0 diamonds, boss arsenal(Boss's security- the security guard who always protected the boss no matter what- +50 attack and +300 def.) The boosts in higher tiers are added to their main attack and defense which is usually increased by skill points. the damage done overall will depend on players attack ofcourse and level, every hit on boss will give you xp and a little money. normal damage by a level levels 25 in a boss raid will be 50k each hit which increases per level and goes higher Basic rule layouts:- lowest level allowed is level 25 may/may not be part of a gang arsenal is permanent and will show up under "specials" in armoury EXTRA SUGGESTIONS:- while hitting boss the player has a random chance to get "Boss mobs" which is a mercenary. player can equip those for a certain amount of income which is considerably high. these mercs let us use extra weapons/vehicles/armours depending upon the world boss we loot it from. keeping these mercs doesnt cost income but equipping them does. Thanks for taking your time to read this and one last thing i have to say is.... One day I'll steal all your diamonds big jim >:D -ObLiViAn mob code-820938882

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Even though I've stopped playing the game, i love your responses guys lol, i do read them, and for some other ideas i have in mind, I'll upload them with basic icons and templates i made myself, hope y'all have fun in the game
this wud b gr8
I'm feeling it, nice twist, @danny!;+)
This idea can call INVANSION BOSS ...who the last got kill that boss Can get reward example that boss as merce ... or something... huhuhu
Nice if can do at dtm for personal Tourney... Then put at world who gain more point At Personal Tourney...
lol, that would just be too tacky
huhuhu ... i know salvatore... about dtm boss worldraid... i want explain dunno how to said in english... i just said in simple about your suggestion... That awesome Idea for all player can join in in there no diffrent lvl btw who fast he can got kill that boss who have many energy he can loot money n gain point
JIM if u can create this can more fun ... Every boss u put 40k health n money 30bill then all can hitting that boss .. who the can give more damge have prize ..who kill that boss have prize .. in damage have 3 winner 1 2 3 ... who join in still have benefit if he hitting that boss can get exp n loot money to... THIS idea can Give all player in every lvl join us... Have Another Idea similar like this it fun to if u can do .... this idea can give player create super weapon .... DTM BOSS GANG JOB First :- He must Beat the Boss may bee Take Time to kill that Boss IF He have Gang he can Call Member in Gang Help Kill That Boss.. Second :- After That Boss Got Kill He Can Open JOB n Super Weapon List ..That Super Weapon Have Tier 1 2 3 4 ... >> Super Weapon :-example Basic Weapon amore or vehicle thier Att n Def Very Low if he need Increase thier att he must Assemble That weapon. >> Tier 1 He must Find 5 WRENCH from BOSS JOB for assemble Tier 1 there if he want assemble have percen success or not like 82% if he want safe thier wrench he must buy insuran for assemble in there if he use insurant if fail assemble he not lose thier wrench... >> Tier 2 He must find 15 wrench + tier 1for assemble tier 2 same like tier 1 have percent success .. if fail he can lose 15 wrench + tier 1... >> Tier 3 n 4 same like that .. in there he can make 4 super weapon tier 1 2 3 4 .. only he must find more wrench to make all super weapon .. In there when U Running DTM BOSS GANG JOB Timer ENERGy n STAMINA u must Change example per 40sec 1 Energy n 1 Stamina... Tht some my idea for make Dtm More Fun great n awesome... DTM WORLD BOSS RAID - INDIVIDUAL TOURNEY DTM BOSS GANG JOB - GANG MEMBER + INDIVIDUAL TOURNEY
My game will not come on. It has been three days.
That actually sounds stupid since we already have normal boss battles like you explained who can be taken as mercs @Syaitan. Duh
Thants cool :)
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