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Money transfer

Hey Dev can you make it to where after a certain level we can transfer money from our bank to ppl we mob wit and send one gift per level like cars and diamonds to our crime family?

I dont think sending diamonds is a his idea, people could easily get another account and just send diamonds to their main account.
I'm not just talking about diamonds and you're practically asking for the same stuff I'm requesting in your post about gang bank/armory.
I just said diamonds would be a bad idea, thats all. I didnt suggest it.
I feel u. That could be done with anything being transferred tho not just diamonds but I get ya drift.
As far as other things tjough they had to pay fpr it somehow. Diamonds are free unless you buy them and when a new account starts racking up the diamond is easy.
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The idea for a money transfer is a excellent idea. Being able to help other members in the game would add excitement, not to mention bring in more money to dynamic next. The diamond issue can be solved by not adding it to the money transfer. Its called money transfer, not diamond transfer. Only way for success in the issue is to try. Keep it simple at first, then add to whatever you say is necessary.

Feature can be easily misused via fake accounts...

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