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Til Death Do us Part

I feel to build loyalty to gangs it should be Like real ones.. To get in gang it should cost you or initiation that pays tribute To boss or gang . Like a real gang u can't leave unless u die(death) ... Meaning u a take a,loss in properties,weapons, guns,armor etc.... Meaning join another gang coming from another gang ,u got some rebuilding to do for self, Death button in possession of the member who want to,leave or Boss ... Now for those who run more than one gang an Alliance should Be built or form and it should cost for that as well....that way the only gangs u can leave ,help out,jump around too, is in ur Gang Alliance ,so that won't be considered Disloyal or death cause its with in ur gangs Alliance..

That button would be abused. Plus the dynamics to actually create button like that. Would take whole lots of time.

Makes the system too complex for an avg player...

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