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opportunity for all

Dear devs, Please take a look at turfs ... all r in control of few gangs ... please make a limit to hold turfs during tourny ... less than 3 .. or keep 4 or 3 colors to the gangs so tht all can war and gain points .. it is very difficult to make points during tournys for small gangs like ours. Tourny r good for big gangs only but we r suffering .... sometimes it gives a feeling to quit this game but my money on diamonds stop me. I am worried for non diamond players .... they are ready to quot dtm nytym ... please understand and design something for new and non diamond players to stay actove here and to enjoy this game. Thanking you with regards, Mayank Gautam
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The OPERATIONS are limited by GANG RESPECT LEVELS and is taking care of the concern... smaller gangs should be able to find wars via OPERATIONS... not TURFS.

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