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THE IDEA Devs on rival list they should be a challenge option. if you cnt beat some1 you hv an option to challenge them fr war. each side has to get supporters within 2hrs. after that the power of supporters and the fighter is added then the winner is decided. WHY THE IDEA This method is better than hitlist where you put a diamond player then he takes 3 weeks in there only to be killed by a suicide bounty hunter. It is also better than gang wars because in a war you attck as individuals. even if there is 100000000 of you facing 1 person who is stronger than you all as individuals you will lose. LOOT The losing side loses cash depending on the overal level of the other side. for example if the winning side has 10x level 10players and the losing side has 10x level 8players. We take it as a level 100 attacking level 80. The game already knows how much a level 100 loot from a level 80 CONCLUTION The owner of the challenge in the winning side gets 50percent of the loot. The other half is shared equally among supporters xxxThe losing side. the owner/the 1 who was being supported gets 50percent of the damage in losing cash then the other loses are shared equally among supporters. NOTE: the point that has 'xxx' can be changed to make programming easier
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