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modifi uk abroad more

dev u shld modifi uk more i think by making uk more intresting well u can make it by introducing new fight list on uk means a person can only see those playas who are in uk while he is too change the shout box and hitlist too and when a playa is doing mission or is in uk he can not do gang wars onlywhen the whole gang arrives to uk they can see other gangs who are also in uk this would be a great modification if u consider it we will see more beefs more cat and mouse chase more rivalries lol rite nw uk looks like we r in between uk and us i mean how playa be in two places at a timewell this make no sense to mee

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We understand your concern... but forcing all the memebers to be in one CITY for a war makes it too hard for players to find wars etc... as of now the GANG functionalities are in depended of the AIRPORT feature,

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