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Free for all torny

You should try a free for all tournament where gang colour dont take affect. You still earn points as normal and keep the same tears it just allows everyone to war a lot more and might get more gangs in death match.

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This would be kewl to try anyway....

I co-sign to this, besides. If you underground like FAM ppl be acting funny..   I remember when we had a war one time so dude been like, you going for FAM first, other dude been like..   Yep...      And mind you most hate us cus we undoubtfully the most feared, NON diamond gang, My G..  One dude don't count! lol. Ayyyy ya'll already know what it is tho!  Shot out to all my FAM niccas!   AY 5!..    GAGE!.. MAD.. where the fuq yall @!! lol!    Ay mannn, I ain gon be the only nicca from FAM on here representing! lol! no disrespect Devs,..   it's nature...   lol    An to the muhfuka that made this post I hear ya!   FREEEEE FOR ALLLLLLLL, fuq these collors ain really workin like that for some of us...   I feel like a REDGUARD on SkYRIM..  Noooooobody seems to want us around but fuq em.. lol! It's the FAM!

Sorry, if there is no meaning to the tourney colors, then there is no validity for the color.

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