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Famous look alikes

I say, we spice it up by adding in some addictive images/characters of real life. For example, make an boss gang that's more urban!  Like,...    lets say G-Unit for example!   Orrrrr  some famous gangs like The Hoover Deuces! (from the movie SOUTH CENTRAL) Also,...   CAMEO APPEARANCES!   ppl that are from other Dynamic Next titles like them sergeants and shit that's on BattleCry!   Like, yalll can make them kinda ppl  special/unlockable characters! Other than that I say the obvious...   some type of new income or something. But, whatever yall do now -don't fuq up PERFECT!  Cus this game(DTM)....    has been the onlygame that I'd play after my first love went down.  (Mobsters..   "myspace ver.")  There was something great about that game..  Still can't quite put my finger on it. lol! I TELL U WHAT THO!  Yall got me hooked to DTM! I have several accounts! I've even trained one account for my homeboy who's in my Fam/Gang     (B-FAMMMMMM!)    lol! yall have a good one, I'll be back to chop it up wit cha when I return with more thoughts! Thanks for giving ya ppl a voice!   KEEP PLAYING IT SMART,   JUST LIKE ON GLADIATOR,..   WIN THE PPL,..    AND YOU WIN YA FREEDOM!      GET DAT MONEY DEVS!

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