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property calculator

please add a property calculator like the 1 in mafia wars , would be great 2 know which propertys 2 buy to get best value

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I made one myself a long time ago. It's already on this helpdesk, somewhere. Here it is again;

(45.5 KB)
I should have look't harder , thank u that will be great

Here's a newer version, with drop-down menus and stuff.

(21.1 KB)

No problemo

Anyway to use this on a iphone?

Thanks for that Formidable. Ive been meaning to do one of those but I never got the time to do. thanks a lot

@Laz No problem, man. Glad to be of service.

Ok so how do i use this ln a iphone

I don't own an iphone, so I really can't help you.

But it's an excel sheet, so if you can find something that can open excel sheets, you should be on your way.

Will that thing work for android phones ?

Sure, it will work on anything that can view and edit excel sheets correctly. It's probably a lot easier to manage on a pc, though.

How do i copy the link or anything it just brings me to the sheet but has no save feature or anything
It would be very awsome if there was a video on YouTube from you guys to show how to use.. it. Thanks if you can. Would help a lot of people to understand

@hoax that's a good idea. If I get the time I'll look into doing that.

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