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More Gang Turfs

Since you have introduced UK Russia ect with new bosses and operationsshould you now be introducing new turfs ie UK consist Glasgow Subdivided Areas London +Sub areas Russian Area +Sub areas this will allow all gangs a fair chance during torments to hold n battle for turf and spread out the game play Because As it stands there are a select few gangs that hold these areas making it difficult for smaller gangs to get xp and ratings up Also if Scope Allows top 20 gangs world wide should be shown giving gangs more incentive to work harder

All the things you are mentioning have already happened. The limit of turfs per gang was 5, now it's 3. Only diamond players used to be able to hold turfs, now there are different challenge tactics to allow a greater diversity. There were only 10-15 turfs, now there are 30.

It's pretty obvious that not just anyone can hold a turf, nor should they. If you want to be able to hold a turf, you have to work hard for it.

Basically if you add on the additional areas and patches could potentially open up the playing field ie 3new areas consisting of 4 sub areas giving you a total of 12 new turf with existing.turf on game the max amount of turf that can be held is 3 if that was dropped to 2 areas could be more accessible to smallergangs
The only problem is only the top gangs that are holding turfs now are going to be the only ones holding those turfs. ........... Take my gang for instance. I am respect level 7. However I can not claim a turf because the high level gangs will take advantage of me and my crew. Now with tournaments, it is even hard for my gang to hold tier 2 operations due to too many gangs around my respect level with level 230 plus players. Add to that fact that a bunch of your high level player gangs are also full diamond players, it put gangs like mine at an extreme disadvantage. As it stands, even reaching upsurger rank in tournaments is a long shot. So how do you plan to work around that problem?
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