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Diamond producing

Hi.I play DTM and I am non diamond player.So i came on an idea.DEVS could make a diamond business.Like it would open at level 100 or so and it would produce 1 diamond per 1 hour.And 1 business could cost like 5 billions.And we could buy them in bulk like other businesses like 9,11,15,19,49 and so on.and it would have an inflation 2%.So we could get some free diamonds.But for that we would have to work hard, to get our level up and work on income even harder to buy such businesses.

And i really hope you will like this idea.because those who cant afford to buy diamonds are quite weak even if they have very high income they lose to diamond players.

And the new business name could be Diamond mine, if you like the idea and will use it ofcourse.

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Its kinda OP but good idea... Maybe 1diamond per day

1diamond per day? its too low.24diamonds per day? thats good.but for that everyone must work on their income to get there and to buy those businesses. :) all players can afford them in such way.but they need very high income for that.but atleast its fair to everyone :)

Cool idea. :)

Nice idea :)


Maybe have it as reward as in a daily log in feature, u log in every day and get an amount on day 7? then resets back to day 1 etc...... But if you miss a day u restart at day 1

I like the activity reward a lot better than the mine idea.

But maybe it's better suited to a game wide event every now and then? Many games have them. Like, during 10 days, you get 1 reward per day, if you kill 10 people.

So the reward tier would be something like:


  1. 5 diamonds (enough for a refill)
  2. 15 diamonds (4 refills)
  3. 10 billion cash, + 10 diamonds
  4. 5 quad lanchers
  5. 5 m23 mines
  6. 5 lotus
  7. 70 diamonds + 50 billion cash
  8. A special item with good stats
  9. 10 basic mercs
  10. A special item that has even better stats
So basically, if you miss 1 day, you start over from the beginning.
Which means that if you kill 10 people every day during this event for 7 days straight, you will get 100 diamonds, 60 billion cash, 5 lotus, 5 quads and 5 mines.

If you wanted to, you could of course skip a day, to start over. If you want 10 quads for example, that could be done by skipping the fifth day, but keeping it going the sixth.

And even though it looks like a lot of stuff, it really isn't.
If you get all 10 rewards you get a combined result of
  • 100 diamonds
  • 60 bill cash
  • 5 lotus (worth 325 diamonds)
  • 5 quads (worth 300 diamonds)
  • 5 mines (worth 300 diamonds)
  • 10 mercs (worth 250 diamonds)
  • 2 special items (with stats about 300-500 to atk/def)
So the net diamond value would be 1275. Which is 40 bucks. Granted, it's a bit of money - but if it's all in a single event once or twice a year, it will hardly upset the overall balance of the game. (or the income of the devs)

And I think such events are far more appreciated than getting 100 free diamonds at milestones - even if we have to work for it.
I like Formidable idea more. :) but hope DEVS will consider it.

Need something better than the small cash amount we get now for the daily log in......

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