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Hey devs I got a viscount player in my gang he's maxed out in gear and I noticed that he can only afford 1500 of each of the strongest gear he's level 221 or something like that how can we build a strong account against these d players if we can't even afford to get 2000 of each of the strongest gear so how about ya adding more business increase bulk buy or drop some of that upkeep on all weapons cause ua people that can't afford 6000 of each d gear wouldn't stand a chance just think bout it and get back to me please

Without diamonds you can't have more mobs than that anyway. So what would the point be, exactly?

Actually bro it ain't nothing to level up and if u have all bosses they can easily handle 1000 or more of each but we wouldn't have the income for it

You can't have all bosses without spending diamonds neither. (unless you get like 500 energy or something.)

So, actually "bro", you're wrong.

Just take a look at my friends and you will know that I have all kinds, and that I am speaking from experience.

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