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Four Corner Draft Elimination (FCDE)

What I'm about to introduce is " The Four Corner Draft Elimination " also abbreviated for FCDE. This feature will consist of 4 teams( United States, China, Russia, and India) competing for the 1st , 2nd, and 3rd prizes. To join the FCDE players will need to receive a ticket color and it will be randomly given.( USA is red, China is Blue, Russia is Purple , and India is Black). Once you've joined you will not be able to back out of your team until the FCDE is over. Once each team has 250 players the FCDE will begin. Each team will have 5 hours to prepare just because the team capacity is so big. Once the FCDE has started the players goal is to attack the other teams players to gain points. A win attack will gain your team10 points and a kill will gain your team 20 points. A lost will not count as a point deduction it will just be a lost. The first team to have 150,000points will be the first place winners. The team to have 100,000points will be the second place winner. The team to have 75,000 points will be the third place winner. The team who didn't come in 1st, 2nd or 3rd will be the losing team( this gives each player a 75% chance of winning.) Once the FCDE is over the players will get a notification letting them receive their prize. Here's some questions incase the readers are concerned: How long will the FCDE be? For now it will be 120 hours long just to be certain that each team will get the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize. After the first FCDE war it will be easier to estimate how long it should be. Will all players be able to join? No, only players level 150 and up can join. This will make sure people with second accounts can't use their low levels to cheat. This will also make sure low levels won't disrupt something that's really serious. Is their a hospital in this war? Yes, BUT.... you can only be in the hospital for 30 seconds at a time if you are put in E.R. Once the war have started is there anyway for a player to back out? No, once you've joined you can't back out. Will all weapons be accepted in this war? Yes Will the winning prize limit be permanent? No, after the first couple wars it will be easier to determine the point winning limit and time. What will be the prizes? In my opinion it will the different types. One war could be for skill points reward , one could be for money reward and the other could be for diamond reward . For example, one war for skill points could result in 1st place players gets 10 skill points, 2nd place players gets 6 skill points and 3rd gets 3 skill points. Thanks for reading my idea. If you see any errors or have better add ons let me know so I can change it. Please leave your thoughts and votes.
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