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Money Sharing

Hello, to all DTM player's I've been a player of this Game for a few months now and I really love this game it's very time consuming and fun but lately I been thinking wouldn't it be a great idea to be able to "Share Money" I'm sure others before me has thought of this but I'm coming to a different approach with it & I really hope you guys agree HIGHLY along with the Devs team well see there's a lot of gang's in this game which is cool numerous of new people to either be friend or turn enemies pretty cool & within this game "Money" means a lot due to businesses , weapon's etc etc.. well what if it was possible to "share" the money you have with friends but there's a twist the money sharing idea should be within "GANGS" only! What I mean is.. that gang members should be able share or gift money to friends within the gang would make the game much funner & rather more enjoyable so guys if you feel this is a great idea please support :) p.s Devs I really hope you guys catch the "eye" of this idea because I'm sure it'll only draw more player's which is a plus+ thank you for the time of reading -Sir Dev

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Been declined a billion times.

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