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TURF Tiers

Hello Devs, I have a suggestion for turfs that will make the game more fun. You guys should put in tiers for turfs just like operations so that wars can be fought on the same level and you won't have the stronger gangs just sitting in turfs while the comin-up gangs just get jumped just for trying to get tourney points. It would also make it more fun to war a gang on the same level with the challenge tactics.


 just like high lvl players cant attack low lvls cuz they would win easily devs should so something similar to that with gangs that only gangs with almost the same amount of strength could fight each other not powerful gangs bullying smaller ones

@Laz it's pretty impossible to do that.

But feel free to try and come up with a way to compare gangs to each other in a way that they both have a decent chance of winning. Dividing turfs into tiers is one way, but it's not like big players can't be a part of a low level gang... So it's not like it's an optimal solution.

@LethalB Operations were made for this exact reason - to divide turfs into tiers. If they do the same to turfs, there would be no turfs and only operations.

A better suggestion would be to add a few more operations, perhaps. But too many and the system will be diluted to where everyone can have one, which isn't the point of them at all.

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