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More War Tactics and NEW Leaderboard Idea

It would be so FREAKING AMAZING if we could send WAR REQUESTS with a WAR TYPE like Undead, 100 Posse, etc. Im very POSITIVE that MORE WARS will happen between TEAMS. We would like to do those types of matches because I'm sure teams will not always like to join a Deathmatch or Turf just to getting a different feel for war. There should also be Biggest Team Rivalry Wars on the leaderboard because i wanna see more beef between players and gangs. People talk trash because no one really wants to go at it foreal so they get bored.

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I like this idea. Gangs send a war request with option strategies such as raw, undead, etc..

I like this idea too about the War Tactic features. I get tired of going against a team with the same war rules. Devs please implement this. ;)
Good idea
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