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Player Shopping Cart

I'm introducing the "Players Shopping Cart". This feature will help players [ big money spenders ] how much money they are spending before they actually buy the items. So if I was to go Weapons and I decide that I wanna buy the HK MG 36. When I press on the items I'll pick how much I want to buy then instead of buy I'll press Add To Cart. Let's say I bought 500 of those HK's, 500 GUN SCOPES, AND 500 AUDI TT's. All together that will be around 67 billion. When Im ready to make my purchase I'll press on the cart. On one side it will show the names of the items and times how many. The other side will show How much money I have and how much I need to make all my purchases. It will also show my income before and after. [ Sometimes I try to buy 500 of something but I get less because my upkeep is overboard. It would be nice to know that I will not receive all 500 items before buying ]. The Players Shopping Cart will help players overall plan what they buy before buying it and I think it's a good feature.

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