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Making DTM competitive with rewards

@Devs and actually everyone else too i want to hear feed back from my idea. So ive noticed a lot of people complain about the game being to boring now and too simple with meaningless tourneys. So how about a scavanger type of mode where devs for 2 or 3 weeks at a time offers a special item such as a special vehicle,weapon,armor, merc or even a property who knows anythings possible. But the only way to get it would be devs select certain missions that have special loot items and you have to say collect 5 from here 9 for anothe mission ect and with the tourneys to make it competitive best out of 3 offer 1out of 2x peice of a specific loot item so people actually war for the loot item and have to win 2 wars to get the amount needed to complete the special item and well like i said be a helpful advantage for some players and to avoid well boosting and stuff create a lock on gang color changes during tourney and offer change color during the 2 or 3 day intermission between tourneys. Thiw idea is simply to make the game competitive and have people work for the reward not just ask and complain for more. Well thats my idea i hope it intrigues people since a lot say the games getting boring this may spice things up where forces players to actually play and get an item that can put them ahead of their competitors on opposite color gangs. Leave feedback please and thanks.

I like the combination idea... "Get 2 of this, and 3 of that and you get one of these"

Not sure about combining it with tourneys though.

It would limit the people who could get the crafted item/merc/business to those who win tournaments, which I think is pretty shitty.

It would be great if you could combine certain loot items to become a more powerful item, or a cheaper item, or something else entirely.

Bi undeestand what you man about peope feeling left out because of not winning tourneys but the reality is thats the omly way it become competitive and make the tourneys more meaningful since so many people complain that there pointless (i dont understand why its ecourages war for money) but maybe the devs can find a way to make it acessible to everyone but i personally think it makes it competitive if not everyone gets the item maybe the item can be t or earned other as well after the tourney

They used to have big rewards for the winning side in the tourneys, but they removed it. That's why old players like myself have lots of weird special items such as boats, motorcycles, police cruisers and more.

I don't know why they removed it, and let everyone get a prize (the tier rewards). Maybe it's because of just the reason you mentioned - people getting left out and can't get that item ever again in any other way.

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