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free gang hits on bounty SENT player

Positive feedback when I suggested this on devs wall twice so here goes....seems most of us want better retaliation on the player who sent the bounty. Sometimes when i am being hitlisted i tell my friends and fam to go collect. Hate to see them get free hits for it but that would be fine if gang could retaliate on the right player.......The one who sent. Can gang members get a free hit on that player in addition to the player collecting? (Similar to rivals list now)

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Sounds awesome..
Sounds like an awesome idea so you can help your gang members out if they are having problems GREAT IDEA SIS

Makes much more sense!  I would much rather know who put the hit on my gang member then who took it.  Most people who take the bounty do it for money or stats and mob back up right after.

Devs have u considered this? Also when I posted the idea why didn't that give me one vote. Clearly I support it but the 2 votes are not mine

FREE HIT is given out when someone kills one of your GANG member... its not associated with the bounty at all. Also a low-level/power user getting hit but all the higher gang's members cos of the bounty seems a bit unfair. Thanks

BS Jim, if a low level is putting hits on someone, he should be able to take the free hits back.  If he can't take free hits, he doesn't belong on this game!

this is a wonderful idea everyone should agree with this

Top idea !


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