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introduce new assignnent for lowing down upkeep

while we r being armed wid normal gears we just get 6% which is much less so a new assignment may be introduced to increase percentage for amt reduction on upkeep an upkeep boost can again be introduced like we hv 3 assignments for bank boost we can hv it in 3 parts now we get 6% upkeep boost in future there must be 10% and then 14% together they may make 25% of boost which wud be best thing for non diamond players if u like my idea rate it on

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yes but how

We are happy to know that you are enjoying DTM & do care about it,

Thank you for letting us know about your suggestion & feedback - duly noted.

We will surely look into the possibilities of implementing it in our future updates.

Enjoy playing and have a wonderful time ahead - reach us for any assistance.

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