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diamond costing Steam roller

This is a one time diamond weapon that once purchased uses up all your energy(like an automatic fight button) and attacks everyone with in your fightlist or level range doesnt matter if you lose or win it depletes your energy. This should cost maybe like 5 or 10 diamonds so mostly everyone could use it.But it should only be available for one use per day.

This would be awesome devs

Sounds very overpowered, but i like the general idea of daily power-ups.

I also think it's not really feasible to do this - what if you lose a fight? Should it just keep attacking the same player anyway? or move on to the next? What if it can't find anyone you aren't mobbed with, or can't find anyone that you can beat?

Maybe something like a power hit button is better? (Like someone suggested earlier) That hits 5 times in one click. Trying to find 5 fights is a lot easier than if you have 200 energy at hand.

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