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Feature request: Jobs & Fight interface add-on


can you add Jobs/part-time job which we can spent extra energy, something like mission but use energy instead of stamina. sometime energy are not enough to kill a boss or when i don't want to fight other player while waiting for cash, avoid rival list which will make me lose money soon, i can do some job/part-time job.


it can be few type: legal job/ illegal job/time

1. legal job will give more exp, less money

2. illegal job will give less exp, more money

3. some job (maybe part-time task/over-time) can be counted per click (like mission)

4. some job (maybe part time job) can be counted per hour like operation/turf.

5. some job (maybe full-time job) can be apply and stop, or on and off.  it will consume certain amount of energy per hour , for example 5-8 or 10-12 hours every 24 hour.

this jobs will overall gives returns equal to what current missions will give. probably.


like to have a 'fight another' button, even if i won a player. so, i can choose to fight another player faster and feel more easy and friendly to fight other player whether i won or lose a fight.

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Good idea
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