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un silence me please

Devs, this is OgKush, level 70s Tycoon. Ive been silenced on DTM. Cant even post on my own wall. So how can I mob with people? Im jus askin for another chance, cuz I dont wanna have too make a new account nd restart, jus cuz I cant talk on people's wall nd mob up. So whts the difference in un silence me, or I make a new account nd restart. Am I right? I already said I'll stop runnin my mouth. Jus wanna play the game.

This is a feature request forum... Send the devs an email.

your not the only one its happened too. your lucky you still have your account to play on. My sis played up to 8 month has a level 45 tycoon which has now been blocked. And my posting rights taken away its been over a week im a boss so can't talk to my gang wer missing out on tournament cos off it plus my sis is a boss her account blocked so no one can move her or she can't leave .i would suggest you email dev if you get a response is another issue good luck
So my lvl 11 account got silenced... No warning no nothing.. Can't drop my code on any wall... Can't say shit to anyone on any feed not even on DEVS feed... And I've sent an email to DEVS no reply... How the hell is DEVS gonna silence someone and not reply to their email?! That's pretty stupid.
Hey I'm Tee1 lvl 166..I just wanted to post this comment.. Everyone's personal consern's are Valid and I understand your fustrastion. I've had few situations myself and you know what Devs was right there.and handle problems promptly. I contact them as told , Respectfully not mad or rude and they helped.and I appreciate that..people got to understand they deal with a lot of people across the world. Come on now!! you guys have to be a little bit more patient.. Also stop talking crap and cussing Devs out believe me that doesn't make them move any faster think about it.. Would you? Cause I'm gonna keep it real I wouldn't nobody likes being cussed out and disrespected.. Think about it .....Would you??? ...Thanks for everything Devs...
Please let me post on walls you said 2 weeks well it's been 2 weeks I'm losing gang members because I can't talk to them my account is US MARINE code 938252215 please post my wall when I can start posting again thanks
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