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remove att pay increase now devs

remove att pay increase this update is not fair for all riot players so all riot players have your say now vote for to remove this pay increase...

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I agree with org empire. Remove it please.

I totally agree. The fight loot is outrageous. The loss is devastating especially for we riot player who hold lots of cash for one time weapons.

In 6 months, if devs still running this loot updates. The new comers will not join this game. Too hard to gain money on low lvl coz they get looted so hard n cant loot cash from another ppl coz devs incrased bank limit. So they will hardly gain their money but will get looted n poor again. 

new comer will not join anymore n leave. Camping ppl n income players will feel the same, Get looted from d players , boring coz have no goal to do anymore n leave. 

If you let these silly updates running for at least 6-8 months, believe me , prepare to make a new game, coz ppl will leave this shit.

tourney is a shit now, elite just got 40 bil, what the fuck. I can get that number from fight list , just need one day. If u want this game long life, change the loot update to normal. Truly say, im very lazy n sick about dtm now. Login just see d players fucking us, so for what? log out n uninstall

I agree remove this new loot attack pay

The thing is, when the dust has settled, and people have been getting 1 billion loots from fights for a while, no one will have any cash on hand anymore. This means that we will actually loot LESS than before the update, because people are okay with losing 20 million a fight, but 2-5 billion? Not so much. So there's no point to ever having cash on hand, you will just lose it again.

This is a classic example of someone shooting themselves in the foot.

I'm guessing that this update was meant to sustain people enough to buy the new equipment, but think about it; you are not putting any more money into circulation, you are just making it easier for cash to switch hands. If cash isn't being made somewhere, how are we supposed to build a higher income to sustain the higher costing equipment?

I've made almost 500 million more income since this update went live 2 days ago - but this wont continue to happen. The only reason this happened was because I was quick to realize how much there actually was to gain from people who stockpile cash. Their cash has now run out and I can barely loot 500 million cash a day now.

Im sure this update has to do with the campers. The goal of camping is to gain more money to buy bigger weapons. I think the Devs are trying to make it easier to get money, but you actually have to play the game to get it versus just sitting there waiting for it. So now that campers see that their money isn't safe, they'll play for the bank limit increase and they'll spend their money faster. The whole point is that the Devs wants you to be more active. You hate when ppl camp in call of duty right? Pretty much the same thing. Play the game!

That is probably the idea behind it @Let's Get Weighsted. But I think it's poorly implemented. 

First off, I don't think the game is hurt by someone camping. Why? Because in reality, you couldn't earn more cash by camping than you could being active even in the old system (especially if you armed down a bit, but not fully, while still being active). Those who camped did so for very specific reasons; 1. They were stupid not to realize what I just said is true. 2. They were gathering cash for one-time armory. 3. They were inactive.

2 and 3 are totally legit reasons to be camping imo. If you will be inactive for a week or a month, maybe it's a good idea to camp, so it's not totally wasted time. #1 is not legit, but seriously, it doesn't hurt anyone but the ones camping, so it's on them.

Second, how are we supposed to get 200 billion in cash to buy a set of Record Studios or Fight Clubs now? The bank limit for me is 76 billion - I need to farm 120 billion and have that in cash to be able to buy that. Considering I will lose 30% of what I gain every day from people attacking me, this will take a shit load of time. And the devs just added new armory, which requires A LOT more income to sustain.

People who don't like campers are usually just looking for something to blame for something bad or annoying. Campers will not attack you, they might be whiny bitches, but just block them and there you go: problem solved.

I haven't camped since april of this year when I had 1.6 billion income, I now have 2.75.

Agreed with org empire
Disagree... Simply because there is an assignment in the UK that when completed you are awarded 1000% max bank increase. Complete this assignment and it would solve most of your issues.
That's not true I've done this assignment and it doesn't solve anything remove this pay loot increase
Build up your defence if you don't want to lose ur money. Problem solved. You don't like the way Devs makes the game, create your own and do what you want with it.
Remove pay loot. Remove pay loot. Remove pay loot. Remove pay loot. Remove pay loot. Remove pay loot. Remove pay loot. Remove pay loot. Remove pay loot.


I can store 76 billion in my bank. That is not enough. I need 3-4 times that for 1 buy.

@Richard You sir, are an idiot. This is a forum dedicated to feedback. The devs made this for that exact reason. Also, grow up - "if you think it's bad make a better one," is the most childish argument in the history of... ever.

richard im with u if u build ur account properly this is not a concern. Whole lotta of whining about nothing.And im not talking about buying diamonds either cause u do not need them to have a strong account.
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