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Gang Arsenal That Improve properties with the gang respect levels ( 1,5,10,15,20,25,30 and so on) .


WHAT I WANT :- I want an Permanent arsenal in Gang , that increases its properties with the respective gang level ,, As new Arsenals are very far from each other to unlock ,, we unlocked truck at level 20 now have to b level 40 to open new one , this New arsenal can be Like 1,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40 and so on …

TYPES YOU CAN USE :- K9 squad , Mascots , Wild Animals(Hyenas) , Group of Thugs , Swat Team ,Group of Retired marines, Weapon Specialist , Underground weapon lab, Bulletproof Vest factory, etc , JUST A NAME AND IMAGE whatever u like J

ARSENAL PROPERTIES :- It Can Start From 50 attack +50 defense , and keep on increasing 50 both on each Benchmark ,,Till Gang  level 45 It’ll be 500 attack /defense. U can also allow them to use additional armory in players also starting from 5mobs extra on level 1, than 10 on 5, 15 on 10, 20 on 15, and 25 on 20 and so on with Gang respect Level. Or Whatever u Like J

FYI: - It’ll encourage more people to be in gangs in order to equip them. At Gang Level 45 it’ll b like 500 Attack/Def + 45 Mobs, (OR WHATEVER U LIKE) that’s not bad, gang near or above 50 will be happy also, and Keeping the gap low between Unlocking them will make them interesting, as Now I Have to wait for more 18 levels to unlock new arsenal (means more than 18 Tournaments Fully) No excitement left regarding arsenal which was only till we unlocked truck, as it was imaginably near Boat. J


Most Addicting Game I have played,

 It’s My 2nd Idea, 1st was also Planned (Last Year) not implemented yet.

U can share your idea or alterations regarding this too, if u like the idea Please Up votes it

Thanks (780834564)

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