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Server Outages

Last nights server outage was more than just an inconvenience.  I spent well over a diamond pack ($100) to secure a top 20 spot. I lost the last two hours available to me to battle and therefore my ability to score additional points.  Great you extended the tourney while I was at work and great that you gave EVERYONE IN DTM 100 free diamonds including the tens of thousands that did not even participate in the tourney.

So here's my suggestion.  For future outages that cause problems with tourneys the compensation should be as follows:

A.  You may chose to accept 100 free diamonds or

B. You may choose to buy up to $100 (a d pack) with a special one time compensatory deal.  100% additional at now charge.  5560 plus 5560 free.  This way the ppl that are spending money on diamonds are compensated in the way they play the game and those that do not are compensated as well.  Even you the devs make out because we will be spending money to take advantage of the deal.  Thanks for your consideration.

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Sounds like a good idea to me. More diamonds for my money would be a lot better for me than 100 diamonds.
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