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Change to Locked Gang Feature in Tournaments

     Consider removing the locked gang feature during tournaments. Instead implement the win ratio as an added boost to the End of Tournament Cash Reward. For example, if a gang has a win ratio of 75 percent that could be an added boost to the cash reward at the Tier that the gang was in at the end of the Tournament. 


This could also be a deterrent to gangs giving away wins whether be it in Death Matches, Operations, Turfs and Regular Warring. As a losing Ratio would cause a loss in that Tournament Cash Reward. 


The Loss Ratio you could keep the same. Upon dropping below is when a Gang could be in danger of losing that percentage from the Tournament Cash Reward.


But what about the weaker gangs or the Super Strong Gangs one might ask. Well, for the Stronger Gangs they through time have built their gangs to where they are now. So be it. If they earn a 100 percent win ratio then they deserve a 100 percent boost and that goes for any other gang. For weaker gangs or any other gang for that matter they would have to be more selective in what wars they choose to partake in. The setting up of war winners in the Shout Boxes prior to a Death Match would go away for the most part. Feeder gangs, there would be less of because those would see a major cut to the cash of the Tournament Cash due to their losing ratios.


 As this may not be a perfect Solution it could be a practical remedy to the current lock feature on gangs with losing ratios. It also would provide a fair and better result to all players game. Where as with the current lock feature a player's use of energy and Diamonds go to waste as no points can be collected.


     Last, to other players that will read this and will disagree. Before going on a rant on how ridiculous of an idea this may be, take the time yourself to provide a viable solution. Thus providing useful information unlike a pointless and empty rant on how you disagree. 

Thank You,


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Good suggestion

The idea of locking was to stop the two gangs from trading wars during the tournament.. if we make the ratio just to reduce the final tournament reward cash, then they can still do war trades during the tournament. Thanks.

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