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hit and run options to turn off and on

hit and run options to turn off and on..that right devs a options to turn off hit and run but only can be done by the boss and underboss give the pple the choice to turn off hit and run so that gang can't do hit and run or be att in hit and run.. add that in devs and made this game fair to us all devs please add it in.....

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Yes I support what Org says. This hit n run helps some gangs n put others at great peril. Due to new update f 24 hr before 2 same gang cab war each other, a gang should elect if it wants to b a part f hit n run. It shouldn't b compulsory. Pool all those that want it together n randomize it among them. Leave those that Dnt want it out. In liu of this, Mk a feature to join hit n run. Like deathmatches

yes, there should be an option to be part of this HitnRun! It makes camping harder than ever. 

Not a good idea I thank it cool get better at the game want have to worried about who hitting u am level 200 turning that off want do nun
BS only the weak players want this option. If you don't want to be attacked in a hit n run, leave the gang. Wether so called camping or not, you can still be hit on the fight list, so what's the difference. If any in my gang want to "camp". They have to leave. Till ready to fight. That simple.

This feature was avoided intensionally since it can be misused in way you turn it ON only just before you want to do HitNRun and turning it back OFF just after the war... which defeats the concept of HitNRun itself. Thanks

If you turn off gang color to camp you shouldn't be able get hit.
If u don't wanna get hit,leave your gang and camp.that simple.a camping acct is no good to a gang anyway
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