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Revisit more skill less about diamonds

I agree with the person that previously posted about the diamond players being able to beat higher levels by a big difference. That still happens even after all this time I personally have witnessed it, not done it but witnessed it. I have even witnessed it recently so about all I can suggest while we twiddle our thumbs waiting for that to be revisited & fixed is continue to cuss out the Diamond player in our own heads because idk if they'll figure that out anytime soon but it would be nice.

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If comparison is between a new diamond player and an old high level non-diamond player, then the old players do have a lot of advantages including the skill points, assignments and bosses. 

But considering the diamond player also invested similar amount of time in the game to finish all the bosses etc will have an upper hand. Then again even older non-diamond players do have advantages from their TOURNAMENT rewards and GANG arsenals. 

We do try to keep it in balance... & the game do have a lot of variables which determines the winner ultimately. Thanks

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